Calling for Club Volunteers

The heartbeat of every sporting Club is its volunteers. We currently have the opportunity to add to our dedicated group this season. With a proud history that goes back to 1886 we are focused on creating an enjoyable and inclusive environment which is achieved through player development, empowerment and retention.

Being a volunteer is a rewarding activity that gives back to your community. This is a great development to share your skills and knowledge by guiding the next generation or having the opportunity to perform activities that help demonstrate your capability in the workforce.

The Committee roles available for this season are:

Club Secretary - to help manage the running of the Club

Social Director - form a committee to develop the social activities and revenue generation activities

Bar Manager - ensure the efficient running of the Bar

Media Manager - develop media strategy and activity coordination

For the first time in our Club’s history we have a Women’s team. Our number one priority is to create a supportive and inclusive team environment that allow the players to enjoy the game of cricket.

We have two roles available for the Women’s Team:

Senior Coach - guide and develop players

Team Manager - coordinates the running of the team

For more information (including role descriptions) or to express interest, please contact either Club President, Leigh Hillier (Ph: 0432 525 764,

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